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Hello, there!

I'm an enthusiastic, thoughtful and humming (mostly bad songs) software engineer creating AIs that can collaborate with Humans, with the goal of making them actually useful.

Starting in 2006, my early work was focused on developing authoring tools enabling non-specialists to create directable AIs, such as crowds of virtual autonomous characters, for video games, simulation and special effects at INRIA, Golaem and then at MASA Group.

Building upon these experiences I've launched craft ai in 2015 with a few colleagues to implement a singular vision: help enterprises create and operate AIs that leverage their data while keeping humans, employees and end-users alike, in the loop.

As CTO, I've recruited a team of ~15 Engineers & PhDs and led them to research and develop innovative explainable AI algorithms, featured in peer-reviewed publications, design and operate a distributed and scalable cloud platform generating >100k predictive models per month, setup and support customers solutions integrating the engine.

Throughout the years, I've developed an extensive public speaking experience: giving technical or inspirational conferences, facilitating workshops & round tables, both in French and English.

Check out this podcast interview about AI

This interview was recorded for the french podcast IFTTD and published on the 04/03/2020.

For ~1h we discuss about AI basics, craft ai and my professional journey. This interview features my greatest hits including cosmonaut princesses, crisps supply chain and lots of stuffs...

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Let's talk about XAI, with Alfred, Batman's butler

I was very proud to be invited alongside Primavera De Filippi, Laurent Alexamdre, Emmmanuel Duez and Michel Serres by Orange Busines Services for "Hello! Business Talks" Humanité(s) Digitale(s) a TEDx-like event for their executive and top customers.

In this talk I expose - in french - my vision of AIs that work hand in hand with their users to provide seamless predictive experiences. It is about individual level self-learning, explainable AI and, yes, Alfred, Bruce Wayne's butler.

The 3 stages of Explainable AI

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