Since 2006, I've been dedicated to one primary mission: fostering the collaboration between Humans and AIs.

My adventure began at a research lab within Inria, before venturing into their startup spinoff, Golaem, and later, MASA Group. During these initial years, I focused on explicit AI techniques for video games, simulations, and special effects. In 2015, I co-founded craft ai in Paris, turning my attention to making machine learning more explainable, particularly for time-series prediction and analysis. By 2020, my adventure brought me across the Atlantic to Montréal, where I joined AI Redefined. Here, I lead the development of the Cogment orchestration platform, which aims to deepen the collaboration, trust, and alignment between humans and AIs.

Throughout my career, I contributed to the development of AIs collaborating with:

  • artists, to populate movie shots,
  • designers, to understand transportation infrastructure usage,
  • instructors, to create realistic and purposeful military training,
  • engineers, to operate and maintain industrial infrastructures.

I thrive at the crossroads of research and industry, transforming innovative algorithms into practical B2B solutions. Over the years, I've recruited and led talented teams of engineers and PhDs, designed product roadmaps, and coordinated collaborative R&D programs—all while maintaining a hands-on approach to architecture and coding.

Oh, and when I'm not working, I indulge in my passion for music. Feel free to check out some of my recordings.