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Clodéric Mars

AI Product Engineer / Tech Leader / Public Speaker

About me

I am a creative, enthusiastic and thoughtful software engineer. Since 2006, I've been building and deploying AIs designed for Humans, bridging deeptech and usage.

👷‍♂️AI product engineer

To close the gap between lab bench and operationalization, I've developed a wide range of skills: AI & ML algorithms, applied Data Science, distributed cloud architecture, API design, product management, workshop facilitation, project management.

👨‍💻Tech Leader

Throughout the years my role has evolved from individual contributor, to tech leader, managing multiple teams and coordinating their work with outside stakeholders. As a CTO at craft ai, I've recruited and managed a team of ~15 AI researchers, software engineers and data scientists.

👨‍🏫Public speaker

Pitching projects, facilitating workshops, evangelizing leads, giving technical talks or inspiring ones, I built up an extensive public speaking experience. I had the opportunity to talk at several conferences, both in France and abroad and countless meetups. I also had the opportunity to organize and moderate conference tracks and round tables.


VP of Engineering @ AI Redefined / since 2020-08 (Montréal, Canada)

AI Redefined (AIR) is a Montreal-based startup working towards perfecting the synergy between humans and AIs to face the challenges of securing a brighter, more ethical future together.

We develop Cogment, an open core platform enabling AI researchers and engineers to build, train and operate AI agents in simulated or real environments shared with humans.

At AIR, I work at the interface between AI R&D, Product Engineering and Business Strategy to steer and facilitate the execution of the roadmap.

Co-founder & CTO @ craft ai / 2015-03 - 2020-04 (Paris, France)

Building upon some prototypes we built at MASA Group, we raised a 2 M€ seed round and created craft ai, an Enterprise AI API to build self learning AIs able to collaborate with Humans. After 5 years we had raised a total of 9 M€ and reached a growth stage, powering a dozen AIs for our entreprise customers such as Total, EDF and Dassault Aviation.

As CTO, I was particularly in charge of the product & tech activities, recruiting and leading a team of ~15 Machine Learning researchers, software engineers and data scientists while staying hands-on in R&D, biz dev and evangelism. I also participated in every aspects of the company inception and development: fund raising, business model, positioning, business plan...

Lead Software Engineer & Product Manager @ MASA Group / 2012-01 - 2015-02 (Paris, France)

I was recruited to lead a product development team at MASA Group, a leading AI company, founded by AI researchers in 1996. I managed a team of ~5 developers distributed between Paris and Munich and later also took the Product Management role after ~2 years. We developed from scratch an AI middleware enabling non experts to create and control AIs in simulations and video games.

I participated in the business development and global strategy for this product in collaboration with the company C-Level and coordinated the effort with the sales and other R&D teams.

R&D Software Engineer @ Golaem / 2009-03 - 2011-12 (Rennes, France)

I came back to the lab where I interned during my master's at INRIA to join the initial R&D team of Golaem, the spin off they co-founded. I took part in the industrialization of the initial crowd simulation academic prototype where I was in charge of the navigation (path finding & steering) module.

While we built this rock solid foundations we prototyped its usage in various industries, I had the opportunity to coordinate an integration project with Dassault Systèmes and also work on a train passenger simulation project with SNCF.

This core technology was used to build Golaem's main product, the leading crowd simulation tool for the film industry being used for special effects in live action and animation.

Software Engineer @ Open / 2006-07 - 2009-02 (Rennes, France)

Java/JEE architect / 2008-09 - 2009-02

I joined a small project team that developed the first user generated content feature for I worked on the first version of the backend and was in charge of the collaboration with eXo Platform who provided the moderation backoffice.

GIS/3D authoring toolchain developer / 2006-07 - 2008-07

I was hired by Teamlog (now part of Open) to be an initial member of a team that grew from 4 to ~20, we developed an authoring toolchain to create virtual cities from GIS data and geolocalized photos as a part of a larger project orchestrated by Orange Labs. Our toolchain was used to build virtual versions of Paris and Barcelona.


INSA de Rennes, MEng (Diplôme d'ingénieur) in Computer Science / 2001-09 - 2006-06

2 years of general scientific and engineering courses and then 3 years of computer science specialization.

Université de Rennes 1, MSc in AI / 2005-09 - 2006-06

Academia-oriented 1 year curriculum with a focus on Artificial Intelligence, including machine learning and symbolic reasoning, in collaboration with INRIA.