Trustworthy Human-Machine Teaming: The Next Stage of Evolution

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The REAIM conference, held in The Hague, Netherlands, is a global summit focusing on the responsible use of artificial intelligence (AI) in the military domain. The event centered on advancing the dialogue around ethical AI practices in military and civilian settings.

In this panel, I was accompanied by Siegfried Usal, head of Thales Digital Solutions in Canada and former fighter pilot, Ming Hou Senior Defence Scientist at the Canadian DRDC. The panel was moderated by Hélène Bachatène VP Research, Technology & Innovation at Thales, specifically in charge of Systems.

We discussed the key aspects and challenges of integrating AI with human teams, particularly in military contexts. We emphasized the importance of creating robust, reliable, and explainable AI systems to augment human capabilities and ensure safety in operations.

For more details, you can access the session details here.