cover for "Passive (A Perfect Circle Cover)"

Passive (A Perfect Circle Cover)

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This is a cover of "Passive" by "A Perfect Circle", originally released on their 2004 album "eMOTIVe".

The song is part of eMOTIVe, a politically themed album featuring mostly covers. "Passive" is one of the few original tracks on the album and was created from the remnants of the "Tapeworm" project. As a result, its credits include APC founders Maynard James Keenan and Billy Howerdel, along with Nine Inch Nails' Trent Reznor and Danny Lohner, who has been a member of both APC and Nine Inch Nails.

This song, along with the album, is designed to counter political apathy and encourage people to become more informed and involved. I found it particularly relevant to the current political climate, especially with the concurrent 2024 French Legislative Elections and the rising threat of the far right in the country. It's the perfect song to shout out to the world: "You fucking disappoint me!"

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