cover for "Swimming (Émilie Simon Cover)"

Swimming (Émilie Simon Cover)

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This is a cover of "Swimming" by "Émilie Simon" released on her 2006 album "Végétal".

I discovered (and fell in love with) this song seeing Émilie Simon live and later listening over and over to her 2007 live album. Swimming is one of those song that gives me chills and the occasional tear up. The gradual layering of melodies and counter melodies creates a tension that, when released, is everything I love about music.

This was a fun one to record and make mine a little. In the original Live version, a percussionist is playing a bowl of water that is later sampled in the performance. To achieve a similar effect, I sampled me and my son playing with a bowl of water in my backyard. I emulated the string quartet with guitar ebow lines. I played every instruments and recorded that track at home in Montreal between May and June 2024.

I'm not sure I achieved the same depth of arrangement, but I'm pretty happy with my version!

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