First post - Manifesto

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For some times now I have wanted to create some kind of "pro" blog but I never took the time, until now. I'm going to SIGGRAPH for the first time next week and I want a place where I can report some of what I'll learn there. So here we go !

I work since 2006 in 3D related fields : behavioral animation, crowd simulation, virtual realistic cities, authoring tools for 3d content... As I still consider myself a newbie, I'm constantly and eagerly trying to gather infos and learn. Hopefully, my current job at Golaem allows me just that. This blog will be a place for me to formalise and keep some of those interesting stuffs and, incidentally share them. Quantitatively, I'll try to post articles every week or two ; I've also created a twitter as a sidekick for this blog, you can check it here or on the left side of the blog page.